Best Kitchen Island Designs That Will Inspire You

Kitchen Island Designs – kitchen design planning requires extra attention. If you have a space large enough, could consider shaped kitchen island that looks beautiful and charming.

The kitchen is no longer seen as the space unattractive, smelly, and dirty. This place was transformed into one of the important part to support a variety of family activities, such as cooking, eating, and hanging out. Therefore, the design of increasingly diverse and beautiful kitchen, which can improve the appearance of the overall interior design. One model kitchen was a trend is shaped kitchen island designs (Kitchen island designs).

This design is able to create an impression of exclusive and can be applied if there is enough room wide. In this form, stove, oven, cooker hood and separate from other kitchen devices, with the use of a table in the middle of the kitchen. The table can be used as a work area, sitting area, and a place serving food. Being more popular than other models of the kitchen, the kitchen island transformed into a multifunctional and aesthetically area simultaneously, which is increasingly applied to the homeowners. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) states, more than half the homes are renovated kitchen using this design.

“As a sitting area, this design is great for those who like to chat with guests while preparing food. Or for mothers who want to supervise children’s homework while preparing the dinner. Also suitable for a chef who cooks himself and likes to separate work space with other kitchen area, “said Kate Schwartz, editor in Kitchens pages. According to Joan McCloskey, editorial director of marketing at Better Homes and Gardens magazine said shaped kitchen island is a top priority for new home buyers because it represents the heart of a kitchen that will continue to grow.

Along with the increasingly slender shape of the furniture, cabinets is simple, and many personal touches here and there, this model is the most ideal type of kitchen. Schwartz reveals, island kitchen design has evolved over the years. He has seen two major changes. First in the design itself. The kitchen island is not just a kitchen set rectangular.

“You can see there is a kitchen island models are more curved and shaped L. There is also an island with two levels, a good technique to separate the cooking area and dining area, as well as providing a vertical wall surface to an outlet,” he said.

The second change is the number of places of activity found in the kitchen. On the island it has now installed a second sink, dishwasher, stove, and oven. Kitchen type island, said Schwartz, nice applied if there are two cooks who are working so as to allow them to cook in one area and does not interfere with other cooks, which is typically a weak model of the traditional kitchen.

For the foreseeable future, Schwartz hopes the model kitchen island more contrast in finishing techniques and more use of wood, the material is also different on the surface of the kitchen table, as in places cuts of meat, kneading dough, and so on. If you like this kitchen models, NKBA provides some planning advice. Make sure there is enough space between the island and other work areas. You should be able to open the closet and put a door fixtures. You may also want to plan so that enough space for two people to work in the kitchen.

Place the island in a place easily visible so that it can function as an integral part of kerja.Atau area you might want to make the island a room divider between the kitchen and family room. If your stove is placed on the island, with a wall oven elsewhere, consider the use of a tray that can be pulled or the drawer under the oven for storing pots and pans. This will make preparations to cook much more mudah.Jika islandini will be a second job with a sink to wash vegetables and the like, NKBA recommend placing bins in the lower cabinets.

Make sure you plan a mechanic needs to put the stove or sink in the middle of the room. To sink, you need a channel for the water supply. As for stoves need a ventilation system above the ceiling or model downdraft.
Here are some images of kitchen island designs are nice, attractive and  give inspiration for you