Bamboo Floors In Kitchen Pros And Cons

Bamboo Floors In Kitchen – How Does Bamboo Flooring Fare in the Kitchen?

Bamboo’s popularity gets on the increase as a flooring product. Since it comes from a grass, this makes it more environmentally lasting compared to slower expanding typical hardwoods. This green choice could be gathered every 5 years or so without the fears of deforestation. Some trees take as long as 50 years to reach maturity in comparison! Besides being eco-friendly, it has the firmness, stamina, and also longevity of conventional woods; it is often less expensive than wood also! Bamboo floors look wonderful, give versatility in designing, and also include worth to any kind of office or home.
There are at the very least three floor styles for the house owner to select from.

The initial 2 entail the grain direction – vertical and horizontal cuttings. Both directions of cuttings are really attractive and choice is really approximately the purchaser as well as her feeling of design. The third kind of bamboo floor style is “strand woven.” This style not only reveals a perception with the weave, yet additionally has a greater thickness, and hence stamina, to provide long lasting high efficiency.

Bamboo is a fantastic selection for interior areas, especially cooking areas! Besides being welcoming, bamboo could bring a radiance or subconscious heat to a room, whereas decorating with tile or linoleum can sometimes leave the passenger sensation cold. It is likewise very easy to clean, as well as has excellent resistance to fire as well as water.

A lot of bamboo kitchen floorings just require the periodic sweeping to eliminate dirt and also particles. Bamboo can be scratched by ground in dust so it is vital to sweep every now and then. You must avoid using caustic home cleansers on your bamboo floor. Typically suppliers will certainly recommend a secure product for their floors, with several green cleansing choices on the marketplace! Some people also make use of a much diluted service of vinegar and also water on a soft rag or mop.

Bamboo comes stained in practically any kind of color to fit your decorating demands. Many individuals, nevertheless, love the even more natural look. In any case, discolored or all-natural, the grain is often visible to include a subtle flair to any kind of room.

The majority of bamboo floorings mounted in cooking areas are laminates. These floors are made from solid strips of collaborated bamboo. The resulting laminate is strong, insect immune, and also does not warp from humidity and also moisture. This makes it suitable for cooking areas and other interior spaces.


Bamboo Floor In Kitchen Pros And Cons

The Pros as well as Cons of Bamboo Flooring.
Bamboo has actually recently come on the scene as an impressive choice for great deals of home structure alternatives, consisting of flooring. For many individuals planning to “go environment-friendly” bamboo is an excellent flooring alternative, but it’s not for everyone. Continue reading if you assume if this flooring option might be right for you.

Bamboo Floor In Kitchen Pros

Bamboo is extremely sustainable. There are a number of ranges that could mature to a foot a day. At that development rate, you could recognize why bamboo is thought about rapidly sustainable, specifically when as compared to typical hardwood trees that could occupy to 120 years to achieve maturity.

Many people do not recognize just how solid bamboo actually is. It is ordinarily more difficult compared to lots of hardwoods used for flooring objectives. Actually, some varieties of bamboo have firmness ratings about double that of red oak, and also bamboo is nearly constantly rated more than maple.

It’s additionally substantial to keep in mind that bamboo is fairly resistant to wetness which is an amazing attribute. Given that bamboo thrives typically in tropical locations, it is really immune to spills. Unlike popular belief, it’s in fact an outstanding alternative for bathroom and kitchens – both places where typical woods could be a trouble.

Once it is installed, bamboo flooring is extremely straightforward to take care of. To keep your bamboo floorings appearing like brand new, keep dust and also dirt grabbed with regular sweeping or vacuuming. Furthermore, you ought to damp wipe the floors at once a week periods.

Finally, you will certainly uncover that bamboo is really comfy under foot. Despite the fact that the make-up of the bamboo is typically more powerful than hardwood alternatives, it’s simpler on your body.

Bamboo Floor In Kitchen Cons

There are unfortunately, some downsides connected with using bamboo flooring too. In thinking about bamboo flooring pros and cons, we regrettably have to discuss some of the negative facets of the product, so we will discuss these cons below.

Being that the majority of bamboo is expanded and also collected in China. This comes to be a huge barrier for those of us trying to live an extra green way of living. With use outside the Asian Continent, this means that the item needs to be shipped great distances. There have been a growing number of plants began in the USA and also this could not be a concern for those people living right here in the extremely near future.

Make certain to choose your manufacturer of the bamboo flooring carefully as some bamboo is manufactured with high degrees of VOC’s. These volatile natural substances typically aren’t healthy and balanced for the people who collaborate with them, and they absolutely typically aren’t helpful for the people that live in your home. Considering that VOC’s off-gas for a number of years after the installation, it negatively impacts the indoor air quality of the home. VOC’s should certainly be stayed clear of if possible, as there are lots of health issues connected with their exposure. Be sure to inspect the MSDS sheets from a producer, which will certainly record all of the VOC information.

There is a wide range of top quality levels in bamboo flooring and if you aren’t careful, you can purchase flooring that isn’t really sturdy. Aim to look for bamboo that has been allowed to fully mature at 5 years of development. Some bamboo is harvested after just 3 years of development, as well as is not nearly as resilient. When choosing this as a flooring choice, you do not wish to purchase the most inexpensive product you could obtain your practical – it won’t hold up in the long run.

Finally, it is possible that bamboo flooring could fade. This is a normal issue for all wood floors, as well as not simply specific to bamboo. While there are brand-new UV immune surfaces being put on all floorings, it is most valuable to lessen exposure of your floor to extended direct sunshine.

There are many bamboo flooring advantages and disadvantages as well as this is not the total listing. Even with the list of cons, I think that the pros far exceed them, and bamboo flooring is a wonderful way to contribute to your environmentally-friendly way of life. Greater than anything else though, make certain to do your research study on each product. What might not work at all for one family members, could end up to the excellent option for an additional household!


The net can help you discover bargains on bamboo flooring for your kitchen. Studying and also comparison shopping online is extremely useful for people just starting to think about installing bamboo. Although on-line shopping gets you accessibility to a variety of items, you might intend to go to a regional store to see various cuts and stains in person before ordering online.